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Media Relations

  • Creative strategy
  • Influencer & social media strategy
  • Consulting on PR ideas
  • Media training
  • Creating press materials
  • Product placement
  • Campaign evaluation
  • Crisis & issues management
  • Press office
  • Fortnightly reporting

Brand Consultancy

  • Profile and brand development
  • Introductions to relevant brands for partnerships
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Creative services including photography & video
  • Digital Marketing & Newsletters
  • Consultancy for PA agencies
  • Developing web materials & content creation
  • Local Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Business Development & Consultancy

Event Organisation

Mance Communications have extensive experience of curating events from product launches to street food festivals.

We can support with the following:

  • Creative concepts
  • Location scouting
  • Licensing (if required)
  • Food partners / pairings
  • Partnerships with leading chefs, food and drink brands

Social Media

We can develop your social media channels, as well are working with influencers to promote powerful key on-brand messaging,

  • Creating tailored copy and imagery for social channels
  • Building a weekly schedule of content
  • Working & partnering with key influencers to create and share social content
  • Co-ordinate influencer visits
  • Fortnightly reporting


“I have been talking with Mance Communications across all manner of different publications and clients. I have always found everyone there to be friendly, accurate, imaginative and quick on the draw. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Sasha Slater - Head of Magazines at The Telegraph

"Mance Communications has been absolutely fundamental in helping us to achieve our business goals. Back in the pop up we had about 300,000 people through our doors and that was what led to us deciding to move on and run a permanent site. We were really keen to get loads of fantastic coverage ... Meri and her team did an amazing job for us and people kept saying to me who is your PR agency I keep seeing you everywhere!"

Matt Grech-Smith - Founder, Owner Swingers, The Crazy Golf Club

"Best in the business by some way, they were instrumental in Incipio's success and I look forward to working with them on new projects in the future"

Charlie Gardiner - Founder, Incipio Group

"Helpful, smart and takes a good time with her."

Zoe Williams - Columnist, Journalist and Author

"When you are starting a food business in London, its savage, and you’re full of hope and naivety. You’re not sure if you’re going to generate enough press and are people going to react and are people going to see it in the light that you want them to. Meri was the rock that was there for us right at the beginning that gave us that confidence to really take it to another level."

Joe Grossmann - Founder, Owner Patty&Bun

'Mance Communications understands that people craft products and people build brands - and it is the best people who patiently guide people to the discovery of brands worth discovering. Mance are the antithesis of impersonal or corporate. They are loyal and they care.'

Douglas Blyde - ES Columnist & Author of Wine List Confidential

“When we launched in London we had every publication in the country come, every major newspaper, every major TV Channel. Since then we’ve made a TV show with Channel 4, we’ve opened another huge venue in Manchester and that was all thanks to Meri and the work that we did with them."

Tom Lionetti-Maguire - Co-Founder of The Crystal Maze Live Experience

“We began our relationship with Mance Communications at a time of great challenge as we sought support to re-position and relaunch our brand. In a very crowded market, specially within the Gin category, we’re looking for a skilled public relations strategy and execution to effectively communicate our differentiation and overall value proposition. It was, to say the least, a big “ask” for any PR firm.

Mance Communications did an amazing, creative job in helping up-level messaging and content that resonated among media and key industry influencers. This required compelling content and broad coverage in the right places to break through the noise. Our launch press event is still remembered today by all the press and key influencers we have invited – more than an event they help us create an experience that made long lasting memories.

They were a true partner in our efforts to relaunch our brand and an important element for its success. Thank you to all the team for your efforts and continuous support!”

Luis Coutinho - Marketing Director, Fishers Gin

About Us

Mance Communications specialises in taking brands from start-up to business leader; pop-up to establishment; and elevating global brands. We recognise and nurture the potential of young brands, building profiles that have longevity as well as helping internationally known brands tap into current culture to keep them relevent - tailoring each campaign to help our clients achieve recognition and growth.

Working across the luxury lifestyle, food, drink, travel and experience sectors we have superb relationships with media and Influencers Nationally and Internationally – across the UK, US, Asia and Europe