Cocktails in the slammer

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With a headline grabbing premise, Alcotraz was always going to secure column inches. Mance Communications positively rattled the bars to get to this client! Based on the legendary American prison, this industry pioneer combined immersive experiences with cutting edge drinks to create a singular, boundary-straddling concept. By becoming part of the story, getting your hands on some cocktails is taken to a new level for the customer looking for a unique evening of inventive and thrilling fun. Alcotraz is a brilliant example of the perfect client – reshaping ideas and pushing the envelope for entertainment concepts.  


Launched across several UK cities Mance Communications tailored their approach to make sure the story was shared and spoken about in a focused manner consistently but also with a twist for each venue. Understanding and working with local titles and influencers was vital to getting the message and the buzz around the launch and the concept delivered in the correct way.


A terrifically well-received and unique offer, the Alcotraz phenomenon carries through to today, and the impact especially in social media is clear to see. A highly visual and immersive experience, it translated brilliantly to platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and achieved an almost immediate cut through with enthusiastic audiences

  • 100 individual pieces of coverage
  • Online readership: 23.2M 
  • 60 million + potential audience
  • 50k + engagement on social media


  • Secret Liverpool 
  • Liverpool Echo 
  • The Guide Liverpool
  • Secret Manchester
  • Manchester Evening News
  • MyLondon
  • Time Out
  • Closer
  • Stylist
  • Hello!
  • The Daily Star