Authentic Italian flavour infusions

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Grown, harvested and distilled in Italy, ITALICUS is based around Bergamot, balanced with a light bitter and
floral spice. ITALICUS is produced at a family owned distillery, established in 1906 in Moncalieri, Torino. Each of the ingredients that goes into making ITALICUS are sourced from across Italy, including: IGP bergamot from a UNESCO
protected area in Calabria; cedrat from Sicilia; Roman chamomile from Lazio; and melissa balm, lavender, yellow roses and gentian from Northern Italy.


Pat of the Italspirits family, ITALICUS is a brand new addition to the spritz and amaro pantheon with a refreshing and distinctly individual flavour profile, ideal for longer refreshing drinks but also great as a cocktail component adding a distinct citrus and herbal profile. With no equivalent, it really is in a class all of its own! High profile and creative bars and discerning stockists are already placing it alongside established favourites in the category.


Mance Communications, always on the look out for new and unique products and taste experiences were delighted with the task of placing ITALICUS into a growing market, especially that of the aperitivo and spritz, both popular and also an area with great innovation and quality product representation. ITALICUS is a proud heritage brand and draws on Italian sourced raw materials and know-how to deliver a beautifully designed and conceived addition to the canon.

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