Technology and gaming collide

Chaos Karts is the UK’s first live-action video gaming experience that combines racing with augmented reality. It offers players the opportunity to step into a racing kart video game – and live it for themselves.

CHAOS KARTS players drive specially designed, virtually noiseless electric karts and zoom them around a track that is digitally projected in front of them.


Brought to life by Tom Lionetti-Maguire, Founder of the Crystal Maze Live Experience, this all-new attraction throws players into a virtual world, living inside a real-life video game to race-battle their friends, family, rivals, colleagues and more.


  • 94 pieces of coverage in the first six months
  • 3.3 million online coverage views
  • 40.6k Social Engagements
  • Secured exclusive features in Evening Standard, Time Out, The Nudge and The Mail Online
  • Secured key social influencer visits including Gamerbible, Secret London, Time Out, Jack Fowler and Josh Denzel – 1.2m followers each
  • Secured key broadcast including BBC Radio London, London Live and Manoto Live


  • Announcement features in Secret London, The Nudge, The Evening Standard and Time Out amongst other key London and national press.
  • Stunt Annoucement racing e-kart around key London City destinations to activate press interest.
  • Organised key social influencer campaign.
  • Introduced potential investors and food partners to brand.