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A completely new and unique experience for London, Clays is an indoor clay-pigeon range, using digital technology to bring the excitement and skill of shotgun wielding action to a luxurious environment where cocktails, gourmet food and DJ driven music replace mud, wellies and chill weather. Engineered for fun, this is a concept that blurs the boundaries of competition and leisure by harnessing the latest technology. Always at the forefront of progressive ideas, Mance Communications recognised the innovative nature of this concept and were excited to use their experience and industry acumen to help them to tell their story.


With a strong background in both hospitality and immersive experiences and competitive socializing, Mance Communications were perfectly positioned to talk about the multiple attractions of this concept and to get it in front of several different audiences all of whom might gravitate to a different call-to-action. With a quality food and beverage offer this also opened the possibilities to a non-traditional gaming client base.


Mance Communications recognised that this concept was a highly visual and novel opening for London and leveraged the fun and competitive aspect to great advantage – social media took to Clays very strongly and using their curated lists of influencers Mance Communications maximised the ability of these platforms to carry the story

  • 120+ individual pieces of coverage
  • 348k online views
  • 148 million audience
  • 40k Facebook shares
  • 348k individual dedicated views


  • The Times
  • Hello
  • Closer
  • Secret London
  • The Nudge
  • Sky News
  • Daily Star
  • City¬†A.M.