Enter the virtual world of James Bond

Using the latest technology Hidden City are at the forefront of treasure-hunt style experiences and this exciting iteration of their creativity is based around the world of James Bond. Teams of up to six players solve a series of clues, sent to their phones. Starting from a secret address in Central London, players embark on a real-world journey across the city, working with Moneypenny, Q and other characters from the world of 007. Choices made will affect the actual outcome of the game!


Working with Hidden City alongside licensee EON Productions Limited on one of the biggest and best-known global IPs out there was a real buzz for Mance Communications and as fans ourselves it was hard to keep the concept under wraps! Hidden City are famous for pioneering engaging and creative real-world immersive entertainment and the 007 brand is known to generations of fans with new enthusiasts coming on board all the time. Launching such a high-profile concept while preventing spoilers getting out was a measure of the trust between client and comms company…


Gamers Grade