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Immersive apres-ski dining

A creative collective who defy description, Swamp Motel have been astounding and electrifying audiences through events, marketing and stand-alone productions across countless categories and with many fiercely individual brands. Highly regarded within the industry they are at the cutting edge of content creation and pioneering imaginative approaches to delivering remarkable, memorable experiences. Recent project Saint Jude was a universally lauded and unique experience. Velvet pines is their hotly awaited experience for Winter 2023

Swamp Motel are considered one of the most creative outfits in the industry and work in a multi-disciplinary manner across marketing, events and immersive theatre. Mance Communications were tasked with launching a new and exciting cabaret and dining experience based around a fictional ski resort, marooned by bad weather and mysterious goings-on. Remaining secretive about the concept while creating a buzz around the launch meant walking a very fine line.


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