Santa’s favourite secret dive bar

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A magical seasonal experience, brand new for 2023 hidden in a mythical dive bar in Waterloo where Santa is holed up, feeling slightly jaded and needing a whole bunch of fun to get him back on track. Join a host of exciting characters for an evening of singing, dancing and merry making to get the big guy back to good ‘elf. Food and drink will be served with a range of creative cocktails to keep the party jumping and seasons eatings that are guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone! Leave your bad vibes at the door and get ready to sleigh!


A hugely popular event in Christmas 2023 Humbug is a venture by the inventive minds at Secret Speakeasy and offers an entirely new and different immersive and entertaining experience for the festive season. Designed with groups of adults in mind who want a fun and light-hearted night out, Mance Communications was tasked with spreading the word about Santa’s exploits without spoiling the surprises to come at the event. Using the latest AI graphics created by Smith & Devil, the originality of the concept has been enthusiastically received by press and social media alike!


With a secretive lead-in to the launch, Mance Communications were restricted to AI generated imagery and to remain opaque about what to expect at this creative and fun experience and to become part of the conspiracy! Revealing too much would undermine the concept and a build-up to the final reveal was vital for the anticipation of the waiting list

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