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Seasonal treats and a magical atmosphere

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Kingdom of Winter was a brilliant new event in 2023 for London’s ExCeL bringing the magic of the festive season to a huge indoor space where the weather can’t spoil the fun! Ice skating, a Christmas circus, ice sculptures, funfair rides, two halls of festive food and drink, full-size chalet bars as well as plenty of opportunity for Instagrammable moments made this amazing experience one for all the generations to share!


An exciting new opening for 2023 Kingdom of Winter proved a huge seasonal event at the ExCeL centre in London, and looks to become a fixture on the yearly calendar. In a competitive Christmas market, it was necessary to generate interest and excitement out of season during the Summer and also launch the ticket drive well in advance of the opening. Using industry contacts and existing relationships Mance Communications are confident Kingdom of Winter will take its place as a festive favourite for years to come.


Launching a brand new event of this scale into a marketplace already dominated by several household names meant establishing a distinctive point of difference and to create a buzz for a seasonal eventĀ  – in a different season! Kingdom of Winter proved to be a concept that gained great traction with both press leading up to the event and with social media influencers on the cusp of and during the show, especially families.

  • 100+ individual pieces
  • 1 million + individual views
  • 19k social media engagements


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