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Step back in time with groundbreaking VR travel

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Eclipso Immersive Experiences deliver a fully immersive 360 degree Virtual Reality journey created by Excurio – who have established themselves as industry leaders of virtual travel. Using historically accurate renders and storytelling, their narrative-driven adventures take you on a journey into, above and beyond history itself! Already well known for Horizon of Khufu, the new event Life Chronicles promises an even more spectacular adventure. Established in six cities globally, it’s a unique experience that needs to be felt to be believed!


Mance Communications were delighted to be working with Emmisive, the parent company of Eclipso on this project, a pioneering and progressive French team who are expanding the boundaries of immersive travel-themed experiences through their Excurio business using technology, creativity and accurate historical detail to deliver unparalleled VR at the current limit of possibility. As fans of experiences ourselves this one was a real treat!


Newly launched under the Eclipso Immersive Expeditions brand at Westfield Shopping City, Stratford, Mance Communications were tasked with positioning these amazing experiences as a lifestyle attraction while also underlining the revolutionary use of technology and novel approach to the use of VR to educate and thrill in equal measure. Being able to deliver a strong message about a visceral event that is best felt by actually experiencing at first hand became the key take-away from this project.

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