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A radically different concept, The Thin White Duke is a cocktail bar and music recording studio for members based in fashionable Soho, inspired by the style and music of the legendary artist David Bowie, after whom the venue takes its name. Mance Communications were delighted to work with this fascinating client, and an ongoing program of events and a unique offer of Dominican bar food from Boca Chica made this both fun and curious for the press, customers and the London scene alike. The Thin White Duke continues to develop a reputation for great drinks and as an epicentre for those interested in making and listening to fantastic music.


As a business based in Soho themselves, Mance Communications were very familiar with the lie of the land for this particular client and who the customer base was likely to be and how to get in front of them to create awareness and a buzz around the launch. With a multivalent offer, it was important to understand the concept and deliver the message in a focused and coherent manner.


Mance Communications identified a potential crossover for the story of this unique concept to include hospitality, music and the London press – and were rewarded with strong coverage and great interest in the venue. More than just a “sum of its parts” this popular site remains a Soho favourite.

  • 40 individual pieces of coverage
  • 500,000 online views
  • Potential 461 million online audience
  • 2500 unique views from Secret London in 2023 alone
  • 25,000 unique views from Evening Standard online


  • The Guardian
  • Time Out
  • The Standard
  • Conde Nast Traveller
  • BarChick
  • Country & Town House
  • House
  • Luxury London
  • The Nudge