Mance Communications deliver effective lifestyle communications strategies that put forward-thinking brands and concepts at the forefront of their industry. We work alongside exciting experiential brands to find creative ways to build brand awareness and drive footfall to entertainment venues and experiences. Having worked with numerous prestigious brands and organisations from luxury lifestyle to drinks brands and immersive entertainment, we know how to build a brand’s profile, engage customers and gain press buy-in through considered PR strategy, effective campaigns and long lasting media relationships.

Being a new or growing brand in the market today is an increasing challenge and shouting the loudest is no longer the best way to achieve cut-through. By using pure data combined with our deep understanding of people and how they behave, we are able to place the consumer at the centre of the story and connect to them through creativity, immersive design and appealing to their emotions visually and cerebrally. An industry specialist in immersive and experiential-led venues and events, we are proud to have been at the forefront of this growing sector, one of the first to acknowledge the value of this market.

Quality, integrity, imagination and authenticity. We know that your business has it, why not work with a company that shares the same values?