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One of the biggest successes that has emerged from under the wing of Mance Communications is legendary burger specialists Patty & Bun. In just ten years, P&B has grown to a chain of 11 outlets, all the while maintaining a reputation for the tastiest highest quality products on the market. Mance Communications was there from the very beginning when P&B was run from a food truck, and has shared the journey to the sector leading standard they now occupy


“When you are starting a food business in London, its savage, and you’re full of hope and naivety. You’re not sure if you’re going to generate enough press and are people going to react and are people going to see it in the light that you want them to. Meri was the rock that was there for us right at the beginning that gave us that confidence to really take it to another level.”


Joe Grossmann - Founder, Owner Patty&Bun


Since its humble beginnings as a street-food pop-up, Mance Communications has worked alongside Patty & Bun to grow their burger brand to ten sites – including a new regional burger joint in Brighton. Mance Communications has worked on a series of creative mechanics to help increase footfall and brand visibility, alongside each of the burger shops openings.


Patty & Bun has proved to be a phenomenon in terms of press coverage a result of a quality product and operation twinned with strategic and thoughtful communications, resulting in a complete sweep of success in both traditional print media, digital and also the social and influencer sphere, across the UK and internationally meaning a truly wide-ranging customer base

  • 1000+ pieces of coverage.
  • Feature Piece in ES Magazine titled ‘High Fryers: The Secret To Patty & Bun’s Success’.
  • Vogue – ‘Vogue’s Favourite Burgers in London’
  • ShortList – ‘Five Star Burgers’.
  • The Evening Standard – ‘The Best Burgers’.
  • 10m+ online views


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