Batman yellow


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New for 2024 is the highly-anticipated and long-awaited experience based on the hugely successful film series (1989-2022) which coincides with the 85th anniversary of the caped crusader’s first appearance in DC comics. Costumes, props, interior scenes and vehicles are all being shown for the first time in the UK and give a stunning opportunity to enter the world of Gotham City and its heroes and villains.



Working alongside major industry operators including Warner Brothers, DC and Fever, Mance Communications were required to carefully negotiate the presentation of this event to the satisfaction of all parties and make sure that leading up to launch any information regarding the exhibition was kept under wraps. With multiple sites this also meant reaching out to press and influencers in both London and Manchester


Collating a precise list of social media influencers to whom unique promotional material was sent to ensure maximum cut-through in both cities meant having a deep knowledge of local activity and audience behaviour including (but not exclusive to) comic and film fans


  • 6 estimated million views
  • 55 individual pieces of coverage in first two weeks
  • @bellaprichard 53k followers
  • @flash.pops 11.5k followers
  • @allontheboard 1.23 million followers
  • @manchesterpulse 28k followers


  • Variety
  • The Sun
  • Time Out
  • London on the Inside
  • Manchester Evening News
  • The Manc