Wright Brothers Restaurant in Battersea Power Station

Wright Brothers Restaurants

Mance Communications were originally retained by Wright Brothers to launch the Battersea Restaurant as well as introduce the overall brand to a more lifestyle audience. Mance Communications continue to work across all sites advising on meaningful, sales driven activations.

Tommy Tuckers who like a Lillian Gish

London Shell Co. launched a floating restaurant on the Regent’s Canal in December 2016. Offering an incredible menu of seasonal-inspired seafood dishes, London Shell Co. whisks diners away on two-and-a-half-hour scenic dining cruises.

Mance Communications implemented a PR Strategy for the London Shell Co. that drove awareness and footfall and created one of 2017’s top destination restaurant venues and secured its reputation as one of the best dining experiences in London.

Chaos Karts

Chaos Karts is the UK’s first live-action video gaming experience that combines racing with augmented reality. It offers players the opportunity to step into a racing kart video game – and live it for themselves.

CHAOS KARTS players drive specially designed, virtually noiseless electric karts and zoom them around a track that is digitally projected in front of them.

Members’ Clubs devoted to fine wine.

67 Pall Mall is the innovative and rebellious Private Members’ Club, founded by wine lovers, for wine lovers, and is home to the best wine list in the world.

With 5,000 wines representing 42 countries, the award-winning Club has quickly established itself as the home of fine wine, bringing together the trade, like-minded individuals, wine experts, world-renowned wine writers and aficionados who will all share a bottle around the same table.


Sandbox VR use advanced technology and builds on the concept of shared play to create fully immersive, virtual reality gaming experiences. With over 19 venues worldwide and an expanding universe into eSports, they are the future of entertainment.

The first of its kind in London, Sandbox VR invites groups of guests to walk into an unrivalled futuristic experience. Once through the doors of the venue, guests will be hit with a fully immersive environment diving into a high energy ‘social space’. Players will run the full competitive gamut of adrenaline fuelled emotions where they can enter worlds of swashbuckling daring adventures, surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, soar into the clouds in a space elevator or compete against one another in a futuristic combat arena – the true future of immersive entertainment.

Imersive Gamebox logo


The Immersive Gamebox concept, formerly known as Electric Gamebox, is a leading immersive gaming experience in the UK and US. Each ‘Gamebox’ room can host up to six players at a time and features a range of technologies including projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound to deliver a hyper-immersive experience when wearing our bespoke Immersive Gamebox visors.

The platform is a completely new genre of group entertainment where players tackle a series of immersive games and challenges that require collaboration and teamwork to complete. Immersive Gamebox has built an extensive portfolio of 15-, 30- and 60-minute games in their in-house studio, including games featuring well-loved 3rd party IP such as Aardman’s Shaun the Sheep and Rovio’s Angry Birds.

Awesome Animatronics at Excel

One of the most exciting and anticipated launches in the last few years and a sell-out from launch, is the legendary Jurassic World: The Exhibition. Using the latest in mind-boggling animatronic technology, Jurassic World: The Exhibition has been astounding the young and the old from the moment it opened. Loved by generations of film goers, the dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park film series are brought to life in spectacular settings. Mance Communications were delighted to be the chosen partner of the company bringing this game-changing immersive experience to the UK and achieving an epic level of press engagement.  


Cocktails in the slammer

With a headline grabbing premise, Alcotraz was always going to secure column inches. Mance Communications positively rattled the bars to get to this client! Based on the legendary American prison, this industry pioneer combined immersive experiences with cutting edge drinks to create a singular, boundary-straddling concept. By becoming part of the story, getting your hands on some cocktails is taken to a new level for the customer looking for a unique evening of inventive and thrilling fun. Alcotraz is a brilliant example of the perfect client – reshaping ideas and pushing the envelope for entertainment concepts.  


A delectable festival of drinks, twenty of London’s finest bars from Mayfair to Shoreditch come together every year to deliver an unforgettable cocktail experience in London’s most exclusive private garden. There’s always a wide range of trendsetting new cocktails and unique drinking experiences as each bar competes for your vote for the best bar-in-show experience. Mance Communications have worked with CITC on each iteration for three years with increasing interest and coverage following this established event on the vibrant London cocktail scene.